How i Found the Perfect Product for my Car

I’ve recently moved to a city where there are millions of cars in everyday traffic but with little parking spots. Finding parking spots is literally the worst and hardest thing about living in this city. I need to squeeze every inch of space after I waste minutes of just wandering around, hoping for a spot. So I decided to buy a parking sensor for my car. I just needed it before I get in a troubling parking accident.

The issue was finding the perfect product. I went online and viewed bunch of websites. They all looked fine but I have done my research and understood that most of the products were delivered with damages to bunch of other customers as I have seen customer complaints. So a week has passed and I was about to give up on my wish but parking has continued to be a hell for me in this process. Later, I mentioned my trouble to a friend and he recommended me a Malaysian website. Apparently, this website was an e-commerce store of automotive products and was the largest in Malaysia. I scoffed at the idea and told my friend that we are not even the same continent with Malaysia. He insisted and told me that he bought bunch of stuffs from this online store with perfect delivery timing, bonuses, advantages and zero harm. So, I decided I had nothing to lose and I checked out this online store later that evening. Its interface was great, filled with bunch of products from countless manufacturers and it was easy to use.

I picked the “parking sensor” category to find some products. There were a bunch of different options from different manufacturers. I liked the variety but I needed to make sure products were of high quality. So, I clicked on them and saw that all the plus and minuses of the products were evident with bunch of written properties and a handful of views to see the product as if it was in the same room with myself. But the best option for me, was the ability to compare. gave me the option to compare different products. So, after comparing the ones I liked, I saw that their prices were lower than the market price and on top of that there was a %10 bonus that day too. I quickly ordered the sensor I have liked the most, thinking even if the product is damaged, it still would not lose me anything with that price. I was surprised to see a 2 year warranty for just a parking sensor in an e-commerce store but I was fine with that!

Since I was on a different continent than Malaysia, I have waited for my sensor to come in like two weeks at least, but I was shocked when it arrived in only a week. I opened it, expecting the worst, but it was just what I imagined when I liked that sensor. I quickly put it on my car and I’m having the best experience with it, made it easier for me to park my car safely.


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