Radiators are used for either cooling or heating by transferring the thermal energy from one medium to another medium. Even though the name is radiator, the most part of the heat transfer takes place by convection than radiation. But only in space crafts, radiation is the only mean of heat transfer. Radiators in cars and motor vehicles cool the engine by releasing the heat via convection. Though radiators cool the engines of vehicles, the radiators used in the building works heat the system or serve as a way to increase the temperature, but as the radiators are most commonly known in vehicles, most of the assumptions are related to heat reduction.

To cool down the system, a coolant is passed through the system of radiator. The coolant used in radiators are mainly water based with glycols added to prevent from freezing and limit erosion, corrosion and cavitation. In some radiators, coolant may be an oil also. When we consider about the raw materials used to produce radiators are either copper and brass or aluminum. At early stages of radiator invention, it was copper and brass which were used in the production, but after the modification aluminum serve as a good choice because it can be used instead of copper and brass and also it reduced the production cost to a vast extent. However, copper and brass radiators are used in high end vehicles for a better performance of radiators. The main advantages of using copper and brass radiators are better in thermal performance, durability, corrosion resistance and better heat transfer. The radiators in car sends the coolant liquid to the heads and engine block of the car and the heat gets absorbed or released into the coolant and the coolant make its way to the rubber hose of the radiator.

Generally, car radiators undergoes radiator leaks and overheating problems when the repairs or problems are taken into consideration. The radiator leaks take place through the two hoses of the radiator. It is highly advised that the two hoses need to be replaced from time to time, though the hoses are working well. It is easy to be repaired, but when the radiator itself get leaks it’s hard to find and very tricky to fix it. There is a part called thermostat, which is responsible in the overheating of a vehicle. It is a part which controls the amount of coolant to get passed through the valve and when it fails, the car very quickly gets over heated.

Radiators are the very most important part of the vehicles, which involves in maintaining the temperature at a limit. This process is very effectively done due to the convection process of heat transfer, because the convection is the fastest method of heat transfer. Unlike vehicle cooling radiators, the other type of radiator which are used to give heat to the system work like the water gets heated inside the tubes and the heat is transmitted to the system. Cooling radiators need to be cared and the quality radiators should be installed in the car to prevent them from overheating and other disadvantges.

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